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High Purity arc process, single wall carbon nano tubes. Less than 1 nm average diameter. No detectable amorphous carbon, less than 1 % metallic catalyst residue. Purified by a unique process. Resulting in fewer sidewall defects. These are some of the most pure single wall CNT in the industry. Extremely high purity will be necessary to realize the high theoretical potential of CNTs in actual applications.

Pricing: $200 per gram

* Call for quote on larger quantities. (See Contact Info.)

Using our unique CNT metal nano particle coating and infiltration process we can fill and or coat any desired CNT type with almost any desired metal including titanium, iron, platinum, palladium and silver.

This metal infiltration process can fine tune CNT properties to suit your unique application. 

We will work with you to develop a product to suit your desired specifications regarding metal content and exact properties.

Pricing: $1000 setup fee.

$100 per gram for up to 10 grams of material.

Plus CNT raw materials cost.

* For quantities more than 10 grams, call for quote. ( See Contact Info.)

We can purify your carbon nano tube samples to much higher than normal industry standards, using our unique purification process.

This process typically purifies single wall carbon nano tubes to contain less than 1% metallic catalyst residue, and impurity contents of less than 0.1% have been achieved.

Our process also has the advantage of much higher yield than commercial acid based purification methods and has achieved purification yields of greater than 90%. This high yield results in a significant cost advantage over current commercial purification methods.

We will work with you to develop a process to meet your desired purity specifications.

Pricing: $250 Setup Fee

$100 per gram up to 10 grams of customer supplied raw CNT material.

For larger quantities call for quote. ( See Contact Info.)

We have a unique process to convert nearly any desired CNT type into a CNT membrane material, which is extremely flexible and strong enough to easily withstand handling.

The material is also extremely resistant to chemical attack and electrolytic oxidation.

These membrane materials have proven to be high performing electrodes in super capacitors,

fuel cells and batteries.

Pricing: Call for quote. (See Contact Info.)

Light Microscopy Services

NSN also offers light microscopy and imaging services for customer samples at magnifications ranging from 10x to 500x’. one hour minimum time fee of $50 will be charged as well as a $10 per image fee.

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